How to Find Mean Stack Development Company That Drives Business Growth?

 Every day, some new technology and new frameworks are getting launched that make the web app development process simpler. Out of many technologies and stacks, one technology that has proved its mark in the IT industry is the MEAN tech stack. MEAN is a group of four user-friendly full-stack frameworks. These JavaScript-based frameworks are ideal for developing robust apps and websites. The popularity of MEAN stack technologies is getting more and more popular because of their ease and flexibility.

MEAN stack completely supports full-stack development, proving it to be the best technology stack for any kind of web app and mobile app development. Today, most companies and startups are choosing MEAN Stack for their software development and application projects.

MEAN Stack is a collection of four technologies that can't be managed by any kind of developer. It needs a specialized MEAN stack development company that can offer you the best development services by using the MEAN tech stack. These companies have experienced specialists having comprehensive knowledge about the functionality and architecture of all the frameworks. Thus, any enterprise thinking to choose MEAN stack is required to hireMEAN stack development firm.

How to find one of the Best MEAN Stack Development Companies?

The mean stack is complex and works with four different frameworks. Only the best company can offer excellent MEAN stack development services. But, finding the top web app development Services Company is a very difficult task. Clients are required to study so many factors and collect a lot of knowledge before picking the company. In this article, we will discuss all the things that clients must take care of while finding a MEAN development company.

Top Qualities to Seek in a MEAN stack development Company

The development team of all MEAN stack companies must possess a core set of skills and qualities. Let’s talk about the technologies that underlie the foundation of MEAN stack development services.

Four Frameworks of MEAN

MEAN technology is a JavaScript-based stack that comprises four primary platforms: MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js. MEAN is one of the most user-friendly stacks for any full-stack development process. Here is a brief detail about all four components.

This NoSQL database collects database entries as key-value pairs. It is so flexible that it allows developers to seamlessly work with JSON, JavaScript notation, and objects. This open-source framework is very fast and scalable that can manage both big and small databases via dividing and conquering entry requests on various CPUs. To carry out database manipulations using a JavaScript interface, the developers must have expertise in working with MongoDB.

  • Express        

This flexible, lightweight, minimalist, and open-source back-end server framework helps in developing single, multi-page, and hybrid web applications. Express is an easy yet robust framework that enables users to perform server-side operations. With this framework, developers can interact with APIs and their web servers more effectively and conveniently. Developers are required to have a comprehensive skill set of working with this framework.

This very powerful open-source frontend framework is used for developing single-page web applications. It allows programmers to extend HTML tags with metadata to create much more powerful, dynamic, and interactive web experiences. Knowledge of this skill is must-have in any MEAN developer.

  • Node.js

This cross-platform JavaScript-based framework is used for developing highly advanced server-side applications. It functions as a link between the front and back end development of an app. It is essentially used to follow client requests. Thus, a MEAN developer must have knowledge about Node Js.

Proficiency in Github

Github allows developers to manage all changes performed on the app and streamline the operations within the development team. Using Github, developers can easily run development projects, implement changes to documents, codes, apps, and websites using only a few clicks.


HTML and CSS are necessary for styling content on a web page. Developers can create interactive UI/UX by using HTML and CSS together. HTML is necessary to add content to a web page and defining the page structure. CSS is just like a personalization tool that is used for the seamless implementation of HTML elements on the web page.


JavaScript is a fundamental skill for MEAN stack programmers. This object-oriented programming language helps in adding behaviors to the web page using HTML. It is the most popular language for writing frontend and backend code.

Database Management

MEAN stack developers are required to have fundamental knowledge about ways to design, understand, and execute database queries. It is also recommended that developers have experience in working with JSON and XML.

Web Architecture

Knowledge of web architecture is also necessary for MEAN developers. Programmers must have knowledge about the methods used in structuring the code and files, classify data in the cloud and perform all the essential programming tasks.


HTTP and REST are two essential components for the web app development process. HTTP is a protocol that helps in building communication with clients. REST is an interface among systems that acts as a link between the frontend and the backend of the application.

UX/ UI skills

MEAN developers should also have knowledge about basic UX/ UI design principles. Knowledge of design is necessary for building user-friendly websites and apps.

Skill Set and Qualification needed for MEAN Stack Development

Clients must know about the qualifications of the developers before hiring a company for MEAN stack development services. These qualifications include:

1 Front-end fundamentals

MEAN stack developers should be skilled in front-end and back-end development. They should be aware of the fundamentals of front-end development, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, etc.

2 Server-side fundamentals

Server-side fundamental knowledge is also necessary for any MEAN stack developer. This includes PHP, API, REST, SOAP, Cache, AWS, etc.

3 Database architecture and design

Knowledge about how the database should be structured and deployed to build a robust web app is vital. Developers must be aware of database design and architecture.

4 Business Logic

It is important for the clients that developers have the knowledge about how to create codes from the business point of view. Developers must do data presentation and data collection from businesses' perceptions.

5 Project Management

It is required that the programming team of the MEAN stack company have project management skills or certifications as they will be managing the project from end to end.

6 Multitasking

MEAN stack developers will have to deal with multiple tasks simultaneously. So it is an important skill to check in developers.

7 Agile Development

The business environment is very uncertain and developers are required to adapt to it quickly. Hence, assessing the agility of developers with different projects is necessary.

Best Platforms to Hire MEAN Stack Development Company

There are several platforms from which enterprises can easily find the topmost MEAN stack web development company. Clients can easily shortlist and compare the shortlisted companies from these platforms: Some of these platforms are:         

This is the best platform to look for topmost companies offering MEAN stack development services. This is the world’s biggest startup community where clients can easily mention their requirements and find the best match. Businesses like Twitch and Stripe are hiring through


It is the most popular freelance community where clients can look for top firms efficient in the MEAN tech stack both inshore and offshore. This platform is best for short-tenure projects and non-core development tasks.


For particularly hiring offshore developers, YouTeam is an ideal platform. Here, clients can find the best offshore MEAN stack developers in just a week's time. It is a perfect choice if the client is looking for a long-term outsourcing firm for application development.


MEAN stack development is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. Its flexibility, consistency, and scalability make it a great choice for any web development. Finding the best MEAN stack web app development company is crucial. These tips mentioned in this article will help all the enterprises that are looking to enjoy the benefits of MEAN stack technologies by hiring the best MEAN development company. Hiring an ideal company offering MEAN web development services will drive business growth.

If a client is looking for a robust, interactive, dynamic, and highly scalable web application, then The NineHertz is the best choice. It is the leading MEAN development company that has successfully delivered MEAN stack projects. Contact the team of The Ninehertz for a free MEAN web development consultation.

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